• Dan Trainer

What Is Sensory Deprivation?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We don’t know about you, but we hear “sensory deprivation” and our ears perk up! What does that even mean?! Floatation tank?! You put me in what!? While at first glance it might seem intimidating, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions and bust a few myths. Because once you experience the float, you’ll be hooked, so let’s not let a few misconceptions stop you from trying!

What does it mean to be “sensory deprived”?

This is one of our favorite questions! Sensory deprivation simply means that outside stimuli are removed. At any given time in your day, your body is processing stimuli — sounds, light, movement, touch, smells, thousands of micro experiences balled up into non-stop brain activity. Contrarily, while floating, you’re in a noise-free, light-free, gravity-free, body-temperature-controlled environment that allows you to fully disconnect from the constant sensory inputs you’re accustomed to. And the result — magic. Magic because you still feel, you still see, you still hear, but what you feel is a sense of calm, the salt water against your skin and the only thing you can feel is your heart beating. Some people regularly have an outer body experience.






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